Keep your eye on the ball!

Player for the Seguin Matadors takes her eye off the ball for a moment and it slips away from her.  More photos can be found at
Finishing up my first season photographing high school athletics for MaxPreps and it has been a learning experience.  MaxPreps has a reputation for producing
high quality images, and I learned very quickly what that meant.  I was told several times that if an image is soft, then throw it away.  Throughout the year
I took some spectacular images, but they were a tad soft so I had to toss them.  If your son/daughter is playing in a game and you would like for me to photograph
them in action, please send me a request through and I’ll try my best to get the photos you request.
Your child is only young once, so it’s important to capture those special moments with memories that will last a lifetime.

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