Bent Wheel Bash

Riders maneuver through The WaterFalls during the TMBRA Bent Wheel Bash held in Abilene. Click here to order images.

Drove 4 hours from San Antonio to Abilene after photographing a high school soccer match. Arrived in Abilene, found a room, took a shower and collapsed into bed knowing tomorrow was going to be a long one. Woke up feeling like crap. But with no time to dwell on my feelings, I pack my gear, grab some breakfast and hit the road. At the race, the organizers were kind enough to let me part for free in the volunteer lot. Sweet, my day is looking up! I walk part of the course until an official offers to show me a couple of good places to take photographs. I set up my gear and start taking photos. The wind is blowing about 15 mph and the sky is overcast. Then it begins to drizzle. Oh crap. Fearing for my equipment, I bundle everything up and haul it back to the car. Not wanting to give up, I hook up the 300mm f/2.8 with rain gear and head back out. By then the drizzle stops and clouds are clearing out. Eventually I shed the rain gear and cover the race. Not my best race coverage, but I manage to take a few winners. You can see more images here.




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